NASA’s telescope known as the Chandra X-Ray Observatory looks at the universe’s sources of high levels of energy, such as quasars, supernovas, and black holes. These are areas of the cosmos that cannot be seen by the naked human eye. For more than ten years, this observatory has helped researchers look at the universe as it lives. It has been able to see a supernova everted after an explosion, galaxies clash, and blackholes with strong cosmic winds.

As astronomers continue to hunt for “dark matter”, which has always been believed to be the invisible substance of which most of the universe is made. Until now, we could just detect dark matter because of its gravity. Chandra is also helping in the preparation of humans for their voyages to other systems. Recently, Chandra made known the results of the study of Alpha Centauri. The Alpha Centauri is a triple star system that is four light-years away from the Earth. It is a target for many projects such as Breakthrough Starshot.

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