Astronauts Search the Waters


It is common knowledge that the vast oceans have not been explored fully yet. The dark territories underneath all that water are interesting to astronauts because, in a huge way, these environments are “alien”.

Recently, astronauts have been studying life in the dark recesses of the ocean. As the CAVES training transpired, they discovered a new species of crustaceans that made a complete evolutionary cycle. It evolved from water to land, and then back to the water.

The Alpioniscus sideralis species is a little under 8 millimeters long. They are classified as a suborder or terrestrial isopods or woodlice, which have adapted to living terrestrially. Other crustaceans like lobsters, crayfish, and shrimps live in water.

During the CAVES program, scientists and astronauts studied aquatic and terrestrial animals. It was crucial to find the new species to understand the extreme habitats underwater and protect them. The astronauts are then trained in alien situations and worlds on Earth so that they will be prepared for their future space missions.

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