Brand New Solar Telescope Forms Initial Images

The first images released from the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope of the National Science Foundation show a preview of the products from the solar telescope and the extraordinary features of the sun’s surface.

The space weather can most certainly affect the Earth’s systems. Various magnetic eruptions on the surface of the sun can damage power grids, affect air travel, and interrupt satellite communications.

These then disable certain technologies and bring forth long blackouts. NSF director, France Cordova, says that the Inouye Solar Telescope can map the magnetic fields, found inside the sun’s corona.

The corona is where solar eruptions happen. These eruptions then affect all life on Earth. The solar telescope will eventually enhance everyone’s comprehension of what helps improve solar storm predictions and what makes space weather happen.

Program Director of the Division of Astronomical Sciences, David Boboltz, says that the first images released are merely the start. The team of the Inouye telescope will continue using and testing the telescope so prepare it for the international solar science community.

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