The Examination of Oumuamua

The Examination of Oumuamua

  Oumuamua is a peculiar space rock purported to be many things, with some observers suggesting extraterrestrial relations with the first known interstellar visitor. However, scientists have linked its physical traits to those belonging to…

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Collision Courses of Exoplanets

Collision Courses of Exoplanets

  Compounded research on space rock collisions has revealed much information in the mechanics of our solar system. Scientists believe that they may have discovered the first instance of rock collisions under an exoplanetary setting….

New Purpose of Black Holes

New Purposes of Black Holes

New Purposes of Black Holes Black holes are warps in outer space, where there exists a field pressure so strong that neither particles nor radiation may escape its grasp. Scientists have discovered traces of a…

Meteor Shower

Debris Field dates Back Centuries

  May 1, 2017: Earth is approaching a debris field dating all the way back to 616 BC. It has the potential for an outburst this week, numbers are already impressive so this just might…

June’s Full Moon on the Summer Solstice

A rare occurrence will be observed on June 20th, 2016. What is that occurrence? The summer solstice and the full moon happening at the same time. The last time this happened was in 1948.  …

Cybersky Free Planetarium Software

CyberSky is an accurate, yet easy-to-use planetarium program that provides an excellent way to learn about astronomy and explore the sky visible in the distant past, the present, and the far-off future. CyberSky can display…