Voyager 2 New Solar Perspective

Spacecraft Offers New Solar Perspective

Spacecraft Offers New Solar Perspective The sun contains many secrets that are slowly being revealed by breakthrough discoveries in outer space. Voyager 2, a NASA spacecraft, has exited the heliosphere (a boundary of solar wind…

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Strange Star

Another Strange Star

Another Strange Star Scientists have discovered yet another peculiar blinking star, observed to be much like the maverick Tabby’s Star, known for its physically flickering trait and associated with alien controversies.   The discovery of…

The First Stars

The Birth Of The Universe’s First Stars

  Scientists discovered that the first twinkle of the stars appeared about 180 Million years ago. They said that the appearance, termed as the “cosmic dawn”, left its signature on the hydrogen gas that surrounds…

Amazing - this algae survived space!

Algae Survives 530 Days in Outer Space

  A particular species of algae found in the Arctic Circle have successfully survived in outer space for a period of 530 days. Of course, these algae are accustomed to dealing with severe weather conditions,…

Cosmic Blast Creates Huge Aurora

Earth’s Magnetic Field Has A Crack

  A telescope known as the GRAPES-3 muon recorded a burst of cosmic rays. These rays were about 20 GeV. This occurred on June 22nd of 2015. The burst lasted 2 hours and happened due…