Dark Galaxies Challenge Our Understanding of Space

Viewing the night sky in a new way with the Dragon Fly Telescope
Photo Credit: http://www.astro.caltech.edu/~ycao/B&ETalks/vandokkum_bne.pdf

Not every galaxy has the plethora of stars that our own does. There are some galaxies that are simply starved for stars. According to scientists, there are may galaxies that are dark “beasts” with literally no stars. How they form is completely unclear as of yet and they challenge the basic understanding of galaxies and their birth. According to the experts, ” Any galaxy the size of the Milky Way should have no trouble creating lots of stars. But it’s still unclear how heavy the dark galaxies are. Perhaps these shadowy entities are failed galaxies, as massive as our own but mysteriously prevented from giving birth to a vast stellar family. Or despite being as wide as the Milky Way, they could be relative lightweights stretched thin by internal or external forces.”

To find out more, a new idea in looking at these was devised that uses multiple camera lenses instead of the traditional telescope that is limited in this area because of the mirrors they use.  It was called the Dragonfly Telescope and is generating some pretty intense interest in the field.  The cover photo shows a 10 camera lens model.  That has been up scaled to many many more.

Read more about the dark galaxies at https://www.sciencenews.org/article/star-starved-galaxies-fill-cosmos?tgt=nr

And the pdf at http://www.astro.caltech.edu/~ycao/B&ETalks/vandokkum_bne.pdf is an interesting read on the telescope itself

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