First Space Flower Blooms

For the last two years, the team on the International Space Station has been attempting to grow edible plants in microgravity. While they struggled at first, the first zinnia flowers have started to bloom. With orange blossoms, this is incredible progress that suggests certain plants could potentially be available for space growth.

Dubbed the Veggie project, NASA is hoping that the astronauts on the space station will continue with their work. After all, this research could expand the reach we have to the furthest reaches of space.

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Is this the first ever flower grown in space?

(CNN)To boldly grow where no man has grown before.

That has been the mission of astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) for nearly two years, where they have tried to cultivate edible plants in microgravity.

But now, after a few failed growth cycles, it seems the team’s efforts are finally blossoming, with their first ever bunch of zinnia flowers blooming in space.

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