Looking for Life on Planets and Moons

At this point, just about everyone knows that we’ve been searching for signs of life on Mars. Now, we’re looking for signs of life on Venus. There are also two other places that scientists are taking a hard look at. A moon called Enceladus orbits the planet Saturn and, while covered in ice, has flowing water beneath the icy surface.

The same is found on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. The thermal cores of these two moons keep the water from freezing solid. The recent discovery of geysers on Enceladus’s southern pole even spewed out organic molecules. Growth! A second moon, also belonging to Saturn (and the largest), is on the list for possible life.

Titan is quite animated and has a lot going on. Titan has lakes of liquid methane and it’s possible that there are cryovolcanoes. Unlike volcanoes here; a cryovolcano erupts water instead of lava.


Read more: https://phys.org/news/2020-09-worlds-alien-life-solar.html

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