Lost in Space??

Space Ring of Love

Charlie Duke’s voice was one many Americans heard with a southern drawl during the Apollo 11 moon landing. While he spent his time on the Earth for this mission, he would end up in space on the Apollo 16 moon landing.

In 1972, the mission took him and module pilot to the moon and back. While in space, Ken’s wedding band came off his hand and floated away from them. After spending a few days on the moon, the pair assumed the ring was lost for good.

While headed back, a scheduled space walk turned into a pleasant surprise. Towards the direction of the sun, a simple glimmer in the distance caused Duke to reach out and find the room floating in space. While true love would be an interesting way to suggest the ring’s return, it comes down to nothing more than the laws of physics. But Charlie Duke doesn’t let that prevent him from tossing this story out today, even at the ripe old age of 80. In fact, he’ll even add his favorite quote “you plan and plan and plan but the unexpected always jumps up and bites you”—or slowly floats right into your hand.”

There’s something to be said about his southern charm.

Source: https://www.wired.com/2016/06/time-astronaut-lost-wedding-ring-space/

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