Bruce Willis has nothing to do with the NASA’s new plan to prepare for an asteroid hit. The White House, FEMA, and NASA officials recently discussed their new asteroid-mitigation strategies. The possibility of an asteroid hitting the earth is something everyone should anticipate.

The residents of earth should always have a degree of preparedness. The new strategies should help in predicting a possible impact and in hunting for dangerous asteroids. They can also help establish the effects the impact may have on our planet.

The new strategies in preparing for asteroids include reducing uncertainty; improving the integration of information, modelling, and prediction; and coming up with brand new methods of deflecting an asteroid. NASA’s DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) is going to be launched in 2021.

DART will be the Earth’s first demonstration of deflecting an asteroid through the kinetic impact technique. This technology aims to increase our global cooperation, so that we could all prepare the planet for a possible asteroid hit. The USA leads this effort.

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