New ExoPlanets Discovered

Scientists have discovered 100 new exoplanets outside our planet’s solar system. They were identified as the scientists hunt for a planet much like our Earth. Some of these exoplanets might contain life as well. Studying them could gauge just how normal our planet is. These exoplanets were discovered using data from DTU space or the National Space Institute, situated at the Technical University of Denmark. There were 275 planets seen, but only 95 of them were declared exoplanets by scientists.

Those who have seen a candidate exoplanet measures it by the shadow that it casts as it passes its main star. They give it a closer look, which is not easy because the scientists need to differentiate the signals from other spacecrafts and the signals from another candidate planet. Some signals were found to have been caused by noise from the spacecraft and by several star systems. Future missions would involve the examination of rocky planets, the size of Earth, which could most likely support life.

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