Pluto Has an Icy Heart and It Produces Cold Winds

Pluto’s heart is made of nitrogen and it controls the planet’s winds. Based on new research, it may even become the precursor to the features of the planet’s surface.

Fondly called Tombaugh Regio, Pluto’s heart-shaped detail became renowned after NASA’s mission, New Horizons shot footage of the small planet back in 2015. The video showed that Pluto is not a barren world at all.

A new study reveals that Pluto’s famous nitrogen-rich heart controls the planet’s atmospheric circulation. Because the scientists uncovered the behavior of Pluto’s atmosphere, they are now able to compare the said planet to Earth.

Their discoveries will help determine the unique and similar qualities between Pluto and Earth despite their significant distance. As you know, nitrogen is a common element found in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Together with methane and carbon monoxide, this gas also makes up most of Pluto’s atmosphere. The study proves that Pluto still holds a lot of secrets for scientists to discover.

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