Smallest Movement Ever Measured in Space

Lisa Gravitational Wave Detector


Smallest Movement Ever Measured in Space

While studying gravity with LISA (the Laster Interferometer Space Antenna), scientists were surprised to find that they discovered something they never imagined possible. The team found they could measure movement that was smaller than the width of an atom.

While the size of the movement alone is noteworthy, what is also interesting is the fact that this means we can understand and detect gravitational waves in space. This isn’t the first time that these waves were detected. Earlier in the year the use of the Laster Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory did measure some gravity wave instances. The difference is these were only 100 – 1,000 Hz and LISA has a more accurate and smaller range that it can detect. This opens up new data than what we previously thought we could obtain in space.

As the space team continues to use LISA to help them to observe new things in space, it is believed we’ll gain a vast understanding that goes far beyond what we know now. There will be no limit to the amount of data that we can collect and that means we could be preparing for another golden age in space exploration and all that it can bring to us on Earth.

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