Strange Monster Galaxy of the Archaic Universe Discovered


Scientists from the University of California, Riverside led an international group of astronomers that found a strange monster galaxy. The said galaxy happened when our universe was merely 1.8 Billion years old (12 Billion years ago). Named XMM-2599, the galaxy created stars quickly and then expired. It is still unclear as to why it stopped creating stars.
XMM-2599 started creating a mass of at least 200 Billion suns even before our universe was 2 billion years old, resulting in an ultra-huge galaxy. It formed a majority of its stars in such a craze when our universe was merely almost 1 Billion years old. It then became dormant when the universe was 1.8 billion years old. XMM-2599 could also be a descendant of a group of intense star-forming galaxies during the young universe. The team of scientists caught the galaxy during its inactive stage. They still don’t know its evolutionary path or what it would change into, but they are certain it cannot lose mass.

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